SocialSEO? Sounds interesting, what exactly is it?

Up until very recently, Social Media and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) were two completely separate things. Both necessary for a business to engage in in order to gain maximum exposure on the internet. Now, they are intertwined and need working strategically to be found high up the first page when people searched for your type of business. You have to consider them as one activity.

Technical versus Creative SEO

SEO is a very technical beast, with highly skilled people working away in the background on key words, html and back-links. It is a very considered and scientific approach aimed at boosting your business up the rankings, irrespective of whether you are working your social media or not.

Social Media, however, is a much more creative and “organic” approach to raising a business’s profile on the web. Sociall Media uses more subtle methods like writing relevant articles, following and engaging with the right people.

You have to generally be active on the social networks to promote a business to a specific, targeted audience.

Google is God!

Google, along with other search engines, now put a lot more emphasis on how active you are on your website and on the social media channels. You need to be creating and posting constructive, relevant content around your business topics.

Since Google – and other search engines, changed their ‘algorithms’ (that’s the clever mathematics that they use to decide which websites and businesses are worth ranking) Social Media is now being taken into account more and more during the ranking process.

Move On Up … the Rankings

So, this means that your Social Media activity counts significantly towards your SEO score and how the search engines perceive you, as a business, and your worthiness of high rankings. But you need to do it right and use your website in conjunction with your SEO.

Here at We ‘Get’ Digital we strongly feel that the way forward is with “Social SEO”. A considered combination of the two disciplines, and for businesses NOT to see them as two individual services or tasks but as one. So we are therefore making them one – which also makes it all become a more affordable SEO service for everyone.

So, What Does It All Mean?

It is really quite simple, all of the above means more business! With social media you are looking to generate followers, likes etc. and to generally increase the visibility of your business and your products and services. Also with social media you are often looking to drive “traffic” back to your own website, which will hopefully result in more sales and clients.

This will happen with a sustained and considered strategy for raising your business profile on-line. But it is not a “quick fix” situation, it takes time to grow your community and to reap the rewards.

With SEO it is much the same synopsis although results can be more rapid, especially if your resources are high, both in terms of cash and personnel. SEO can bring you relatively speedy results in getting your website up the Google rankings, which typically results in more visitors and more sales.

Social Media and SEO In Harmony

Unlike SEO, social media is a very organic process, gaining followers and visitors that can grow into a loyal and increasing customer base. But what social media does bring your business can be a growing reputation as an expert in your industry, making your business a valuable resource centre and encouraging new customers along the way.

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