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Social Media counts towards your SEO and therefore ranking with the search engines since Google changed their algorithms early 2015.

It’s now very much about ‘INFLUENCE‘.

The search engines want to deliver us with THE BEST websites for our searches.

So we have to PROVE to the search engines that we are THE BEST person for the job.

This doesn’t happen overnight. You have to keep it going and you have to put your voice out there and in the right way.

Reach the right people at the right time and in the right place and you will succeed with your SEO!

It’s a level playing field out there but you have to PLAY THE GAME and it’s  a cliche but… YOU HAVE TO BE IN IT TO WIN IT!

Depending on how niche your business is and the popularity of your chosen keywords, we usually attain high rankings within approximately 6-9 months.
The first thing we do when we start a new SocialSEO campaign is keyword research. This is where we use various tools and methods to find exactly the right words and phrases that people type in to the search engines to find a business like yours.

We determine the monthly searches versus the competion (the number of sites competing for that keyword) and we can then make an educated decision together as to which are the best keywords to use.

It is important that you are involved – to some extent. The exact extent of this we can determine when we first get together to discuss things. We definitely don’t expect you to be involved technically but we do need your input when it comes to content and making sure that we have enough. Only you know your industry inside out.

Google and the other search engines are looking for THOUGHT LEADERS. So we want to help you be that thought leader in your industry. It’s all part of the ranking process.

We look at everything ourselves on a weekly basis and we provide you with a ‘Growth Report’ every month. This will give you your positions every month for the keywords we are working PLUS the keywords that also get ranked and pulled in as a result of the activity around your chosen words.

Yes, more keywords and phrases than just the ones we work get ranked – BONUS!

If you don’t keep up the good work and just simply STOP – EVENTUALLY – if not quite quickly (again, depending on how competitive your industry is) your hard-earned rankings will slip. This is inevitable and understandable.

As long as you keep your Social Media activity going and make sure that your site is up to date and the metatags are still updated – then there should be no reason why you would slip dramatically out of the top ranks.

Number ONE constantly is a tough one. There could always be someone who comes along and ‘works’ a keyword harder than we are.

As mentioned before, we will constantly be monitoring this and if we slip below 4 or 5 then we will RAMP UP THE ACTIVITY again for that keyword and keep you up in the top 3.

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