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Proven Social Media and SEO
Plans for Business

You are in Business
You have heard of SEO
You have heard of Social Media
You may NOT have heard of SocialSEO

So What is Social SEO?

Social Media and SEO are the two single most important activities that you currently HAVE to do as a business on the Internet in today’s business world.

Since 2014-15 the Search Engine giants Google (and, moving forward, when we talk about Google we also mean Bing, Yahoo etc.)  have been taking social media into account more and more for their algorithms and including your social media and seo activity.

So, it stands to reason that we should be including social media in SEO planning and what we are doing to increase our business visiblity on the Internet.

Having somewhat ‘grown up’ in business with the every changing playing field that is the Internet, we just see it as a natural progression to produce a robust and effective service providing Social Media and SEO all-in-one for business. Our parent company is called We’Get’Digital.

Everyone stands a chance at getting to the top of the search engines. You just have to be doing the right things, in the right places and at the right time. Social SEO Marketing wil help.

The Internet is a level playing field. We ALL stand a chance to be seen and do business by attracting the right types of customers to us.

We always claim that it is more about psychology than technology – and with social media it most definitely is that! SEO is probably a bit more technical but then that is what we are here for.

it most definitely is about getting the balance right and, above all, doing it right. We urge everyone in business who is wanting to raise their profile on the Internet to ‘think like a search engine.

What is it that the search engines want? What do they want to give us, their clients? Google want to give us the best possible websites for our searches. So what we have to do is make sure that they know that we are the best possible result for them.

How do we do that? Well, it is the sum of the parts. And there are many parts. Check out our page on ‘What’s Involved’ for just some of the tasks that have to be performed to get social media and SEO right.

For the best possible chance to get your social media and SEO right on the Internet

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